AJ’s Site Redevelopment.

For many years the corner of Mt Alexander Road and Wellington Street has been known by locals as ‘AJ’s in recognition of the owners of the car service centre. Before that it was known as Triggs; also a service centre.

Some years ago, the site was purchased with the intention of developing an office complex. Flemington Association had objected to that development and has been advocating a number of options for the site. These included a new ‘zone’ to enhance the educational aspects that link MAC and Flemington High, an ‘land’ swap with MAC, a link to the Flemington Hub etc.

For a number of years, the Association had advocated more pocket parks. We initiated a meeting between MCC and MVCC to developed integrated pocket parks between Kensington and Flemington. However, the AJ site was not deemed suitable for such as park, in part due to the hostile location.

  • In July 2019 we provided MVCC with a reference to Heritage Council of Victoria’s examples of “enhanced heritage sites”; one of which bears a striking resemblance to the AJ site.
  • Unrelated to the AJ’s site, in November 2020, Heritage Victoria, and others, held an interesting public forum on the best approach for sites like these.


  • Unfortunately, the site was demolished before any community consultation. The Association has not been able to obtain the justifications for such action.
  • A pocket park has now been proposed.
  • MVCC undertook consultation on the parks name. The Association then provided a set of names which recognised both heritage and women in the area.


  • The park is scheduled to open in winter 2022.
  • The Association will continue to advocate on behalf of residents to try and avoid the errors of Pridham Plaza, Pin Oak Cr/Newmarket Station etc.