The Flemington Associations submission to the Social Housing Renewal Standing Advisory included the following summary…

“This submission is in response to invitations to interested persons or organisations to
make a submission to the Social Housing Renewal Standing Advisory Committee
(SHRSAC) on the proposed amendments to the Moonee Valley Planning Scheme
regarding the Flemington Housing Estate (the Estate).
2. The Association maintains its primary concern that steps are being taken by the
government and the Department of Housing and Human Services (DHHS) to
redevelop the Estate rapidly without proper analysis, consultation or clear objectives
as to what might be achieved. These concerns were outlined in our initial submission
to DHHS dated 6 June 2017, a copy of which is attached.
3. Given the proposed significant impact upon the Flemington community, including those
who live on the Housing Estate and around, the Association submits that:
a) It is fundamental that a Consultative Committee be established, including a
broad cross-section of community representatives.
b) A Comprehensive Development Plan should be undertaken in an integrated
manner after a proper analysis of the site (including the surrounding area),
consideration of options for development and an ability for those affected to
respond meaningfully to proposals.

4. In terms of the limited terms of reference provided to SHRSAC, the Association
submits the following:
a) The proposal is not appropriate in light of key strategies including Home for
Victorians and Plan Melbourne 2017.
b) The proposal is not appropriate when considered against the objectives of the
Planning and Environment Act 1987 and other relevant provisions of applicable
planning schemes.
c) The Minister for Planning should not act as Responsible Authority for the
development sites.
d) The current proposals should be rejected.”

Ministers Decision

Changes to the planning provisions for Debneys Precinct: Flemington Estate, were gazetted as Moonee Valley Planning Scheme amendment C177 on 28 March 2018.